Monday, March 12, 2012

W.I.P B-1 Battledroid [Updated 2012-03-23]

2012-03-22 Update:
I've started with the 3d model of the E-5 Blaster that the B-1 Battle droid, from 
the Star Wars universe, uses. The model is about 50% complete, and here's a render of what it look's like right now: 

2012-03-19 Update:
It's a 3d model of an Baktoid Combat Automata B-1 Battle droid, from the Star Wars universe. 
Current polycount is 557600.

So, here's a render of what the model looks like right now. It's 99% complete, and untextured, I'll see what I'll do about that in the future. 

What's left to build is: 
Some minor detailing. 
A gun, the E-5 Blaster, so this badass can do his job properly.

Stay tuned! 

W.I.P 2012-03-12
It's been quiet here for a few months now, but for the last 2 weeks I've been working on a project that's almost finished. It's no big deal, but here's a little teaser.


  1. Pure awesomeness!! Looks gorgeous, excited to see the final work :-)

    1. Thank you sir! Stay tuned and you will soon see him armed and ready for battle :-)